Monday, May 14, 2018

Parley: 5 months

Parley can run all around the house in his walker, I seriously can't believe it. He thinks he is so cool until he gets stuck haha

Parley can roll over!! He alwasy does the hardest one, back to stomach. He hardly ever rolls from his stomach to his back.

If we lay Parley down he will scoot himself around in a circle.

We finally got an area rug for our living room and Parley is loving laying on the floor and scooting all over the place.

Parley is in 6-9 month clothes.. It breaks my mama heart everytime I have to put away an outfit that no longer fits him. He is growing way too stinkin fast!

Parley is now eating oatmeal cereal and he LOVES it!

Parley got blessed this past month and it was such a fun weekend with family. You can read more about his blessing day here.

Brooklyn: 2 years 6 months

Brooklyn started dance classes this past month and she absolutely loves it! All throughout the week she will randomly show us something that she has learned in class. She's adorable and I love it.

"No, I don't want a kiss. No!"

"Brooklyn, are you going to be a ballerina?"
"Yeah I think so!"

Brooklyn wore a beautiful tulle princessy dress for Parley's blessing. I took her to the bathroom and there is a full length mirror in there. She was standing in front of it saying, "I SO PRETTY!" You can tell she was being told all morning that she looked like a princess ;) and she sure was beautiful. I wish I had her confidence!

Brooklyn is such a big helper, she always wants to help with the dishes or making dinner.

B: "Mommy, I have owie my foot."
M: kissed it better and said "I'm sorry."
B: waited a few seconds and then said "It's fine mommy."


Same outfit 1 year later!

Hospital Stay... Again!

Ahhh life is never dull in the Evans houehold!

Parley's blessing was scheduled for April 22, 2018 so we had family coming in all weekend! It was such a fun weekend and we feel so blessed to have the family and friends that we do!

Monday morning after the blessing I woke up feeling really sick. I was having hot flashes all night long and woke up with a massive headache. I showered and got ready and had started feeling better. Cheryl and Trevor were still here so we headed out to do some shopping and lunch before Trevor had his dr appt. Once we got to the restaraunt I was having such terrible chills. I was FREEZING! And if you know me, I am never cold. Hot. Always hot. So I wasn't even able to eat my lunch because I felt so bad and I was shivering down to the bone. When we left I had about a 30-40 min drive home. Both kids fell asleep and I had the heater blasting. I finally made it home and we all crashed in the living room. I turned on the TV for Brooklyn while I tried to get some rest on the couch. Cheryl came back to stay with me until Curtis got off work and then they headed home. 

Tuesday morning came and I felt awful! I didn't get much sleep and my head was pounding. Curtis left for work and I layed on the couch. About 2 hours later I was not feeling any better. I was going back and forth between heat flashes and chills. I was starting to see black spots and felt like I was going to pass out.. I didn't know how I was going to take care of the kids. I called my mom and she got ready and left to come back to Utah. Curtis came home from work until my mom got here. When Curtis got home he took me straight to the ER. (My symptoms were very similar to what I had in Dec so I think Curtis was having some flashbacks). We actually went to an urgent care first and they sent us to the ER.. So they hooked me up to an IV, did an EKG, blood and urine tests. And guess what came back? A stinkin' bladder infection! I could not believe that a bladder infection had made me THAT sick! And I didn't have any of the normal symptoms of a bladder infection. Let me tell ya, I felt really dumb having my mom come help me because of a bladder infection.. 

On our way home from the hospital that day our car broke.. blessings in disguise, so glad my mom was in UT so we weren't left stranded without a car. We got it towed to the shop Wednesday and I was starting to feel better. My mom stayed until Friday when we left to meet Will & Patty in Twin Falls to get the other car back. The kids and I got back around 12:30 Friday night. 

Saturday I woke up in the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. I've had appendicitis and given birth twice and the pain to those did not even compare! I felt like someone was sticking a knife in my side and twisting it around.. I tried throwing up hoping it would go away, I tried curling up in a ball, I tried eating, I tried drinking. Nothing was working and I was being stubborn because we were supposed to go to Logan that day.. I eventually decided I needed to go back to the ER after I read the part of my discharge papers from Tuesday that said any abdominal pain come back in. 

When we got to the ER they hooked me back up to an IV. They gave me morphine (hallelujah) and did a CT scan. They found a 7mm stone in my left kidney! The tube that it's in is only like 3mm. No wonder I was in so much pain and so sick! 
The ER doctors drawing of my swollen and infected kidney w/ kidney stone. 

So because the stone was so big and blocking everything I had infection all up behind it into my kidney. And everything was all swollen. The urologist wanted me to go right into surgery to drain the infection and have a stent placed. He didn't want to remove the kidney that day in fear of the infection spreading. They also told me that if I had not come back in I could have gotten sepsis and ended up in the ICU, the infection was that bad! So we rushed back to surgery and the anesthesiologist helped Curtis give me a blessing. Who better to give you a blessing than your husband and the man putting you under! Haha. My mom and Cheryl headed back to UT as soon as they heard I needed surgery. 

Everything went well with the surgery and they placed the stent. It was only about a 15-20 minute surgery. I was in the recovery room for a while and then we were able to go home. I was sore and tired but feeling better. They gave me hydrocodone, I took 2 of them throughout the day and each one gave me a massive migraine so I opted for the oxycodone I still had from Parley's birth. 

I had a dr appt witht the urologist on Monday. And honestly I don't remember much of what he said. Ha. I do remember he said I shouldn't be in  much pain or needing pain pills. Uhh excuse me! I have a 7mm kidney stone and a foreign object (stent) in my body, of course I'm in pain! I did try to take the least amount of pain medication as I could stand, but I still needed it. He didn't want to do the surgery to remove the stone until I was done with my antibiotics for a few days. He didn't want to mess around in there and cause the infection to spread and get worse. So we scheduled the surgery for the next Wednesday, a week and a half later! It was the longest week and a half.. Cheryl stayed with me to help since I couldn't drive or do much because of the pain and medication. It was so nice having so much help! It was a rough couple weeks waiting for the surgery but we still managed to get out of the house to let Brooklyn burn off some energy and see the sun haha! 

My mom came back the next Tuesday so she could be here for my surgery. I went into the hospital Wednesday morning and they got my surgery bumped up because the guy ahead of me had passed his kidney stone! Ha. This surgery was going to be about 45 minutes and they use a shockwave to break up the stone. It would crumble to a sandlike substance and then they would flush it out through the stent before removing the stent to make sure they got it all. Well, while the dr was doing the surgery he noticed a hole in my bladder. So he was looking around and noticed that I have 2 ureters! So instead of just one tube on my left side going from my kidney to my bladder I have 2. How rare and what a strange extra body party to have! They did say I should have a healthy kidney my whole life though. Everything went well with this surgery and I headed to recovery. 

I never have a hard time coming out of anesthesia and I never do anything funny. But I had a harder time coming out of this one. Probably because I have given birth and had 3 surgeries within 4.5 months. But I was so confused when I woke up. I kept looking around and then to Curtis and would ask him what was going on and asking where we were. Such a weird feeling to wake up and not know what's going on. 

BUT after the second surgery I feel SO much better and like a functional human being again. I can't believe the weird things that keep happening to me. So, today, May 14 is the first day that I have been alone with my kids since April 19! I think I have forgotten how to clean haha! 

I have a follow up appt next week and hopefully everything will be fine and we can get back to a normal, non-sick life! I am sick of hospitals and surgeries but so grateful for the priesthood in my home to give blessings and for family that is so close that they can come help in my time of need. 

Before surgery #2!